Thursday, October 16, 2008


Side Note: Yesterday went pretty well. It is always easier with Jason here. But Mark did really well comparatively. I know you were up all night wondering.

While lying in bed the other night waiting for sleep to find me I realized I have done not one not two but three posts about a fish. And I haven't done one post about my dear dog. Isn't that sad. Well here we go. This is Daisy. She is the best dog ever.

She really doesn't like having her picture taken.

She would really like me to stop now but I told her to stay put so she will. But she doesn't have to like it. She is a good dog.
Now this is a little more like it.

This is the face she makes when I rub her tummy. She doesn't care anymore that I am taking her picture so long as I don't stop moving my hand. Sometimes when she really likes it, she sticks her tongue out a little. She has two little black dots on her tongue that you can only see when she yawns. It looks like you put a little dot of black ink on one side of her tongue and squished it together. I didn't though. That is just what it looks like. Thought you might like to know that little factoid about my dog.

Jeesh! More picture taking. We have had this little jem for about four years. I went to Pet Smart for cat food and came home with a dog. Tux (the cat) was so happy. She is wonderful with the kids. Patience is her number one attribute. She does have a teeny tiny little bitty smidgen of a problem with other dogs. She is really sorry later though. Really really really sorry.

This is the best though. A walk with mom. And no pesky children around. Life doesn't get better. I wish we were all as easy to please as this dog.


Nap Warden said...

What a good dog...cute too!

dlyn said...

Riley has even forgiven her for the divot missing from his ear which makes him look like a really tough and masculine dog instead of a big whimp-bag which is what he is. Don't tell the bloggy internets - they think he is tough.