Thursday, October 23, 2008


Some girls play with dolls.

Some girls get to wear pink and purple.

My girl has a brother. She has been watching her brother since the day she was born.

This brother of hers taught to play with trucks and cars. He showed her that it is was OK for little girls to play with boy things. He showed her if she plays with trucks and cars he would play with her too. So she plays with little boy things. And loves it.

He doesn't know it but he is a wonderful teacher.


Flea said...

Awww! My girl grew up playing with her brother, light sabers and trucks, but she's very girly. Well, except when she's angry. :) Your girl is beautiful.

Gina said...

Knowing what a good brother Mark is, I'm sure that the reverse is also true; that if or when Anna wants to start playing with "girl toys", Mark would still play with her. :)

Kellan said...

I love a girl that can keep up with boy toys!!! They are both darling, btw!

Take care - Kellan

dlyn said...

And here again, we have photographic evidence of just who are the world's most fabulous grandchildren!

Memarie Lane said...

my son and daughter are like that too. he's optimus prime, she's megatron. and she makes a really scary megatron.