Saturday, August 16, 2008

Actual Fish

Our fishy tale starts here and continues here if you want to catch up.

Meet Actual Fish II.
He isn't this fuzzy in real life. I swear I took 50 pictures of this fish. This is the best. My camera kept focusing on the plant. So if you want a picture of a good fake aquairium plant, I have tons of them. Just let me know.
Anyhoo, we aren't making too big of a deal about A.F the second. I think that is what killed the last one. He couldn't handle the social pressure.
A few people asked me how Mark took the death of A.F.the first. Truth be told he never noticed. He is after all a man in training and not overly observant. (I hope this doesn't offend my one male reader.) He came down the stairs like always and said "Hi, Actual Fish." He never took note that A.F. was residing in a place far less cheery than his fish bowl. After trying yet another church on Sunday, we took a drive to the pet store. I ran inside grabbed the goods. When I got back in the van, I just never mentioned what was in the bag. We came home and I just acted like I was changing A.F.s water. I love men in training.
I do have high hopes for new Acual Fish. I got a different kind of water purifier. (A couple of people suggested to let the water just sit out. Thanks guys but I am afraid. What if I don't wait long enough or all the chemicals don't come out. I will put A.F. in there and he will go belly up. That would be rather disconcerting.) He is a half moon betta. They are supposed to be very robust and hearty. He will have to be to deal with me.
BTW is it bad that when I walked in to the pet store, all the fish swam the the back of the aquariums and quivered? Just wondering.


Lauren said...

have you ever tried not having a fish. Also if you had more than one fish perhaps the loss of one wouldn't be so hard on you. :)

Weezee said...

You hang in there Ellyn! Are you sure those Pet Store people are selling you young fish. I bet they are foisting the senior citizens on you.