Friday, August 15, 2008


Skywatch below.

I have a picture story for you.
See this:

Ok, Now see this:

Lets look at this again:

OK, now this again:

Wow, now look:

Took us a month and a half to figure out what that switch was for. All that time that light shown all night into Mark window. Poor Mark for having been born to dumb parents. In our defense though, the switch is in the scary, spider infested part of the basement. Makes no sense to have it where it is. I love hundred year old houses. A hundred years of other home owners bad decision making left for us to figure out. Fun!!


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh dear! Well, better late you found it than never!! We had a light switch like that too and could never figure out where it was used for so my husband switched it off and on and I hunted all over the home until I found a trap door behind the house leading to under the home with a little light bulb. The house was a hundred years old... strange wiring...
Great post!
Mountain Retreat

irish daisies said...

nice shots and a cute story!

WillThink4Wine said...

I grew up in a 100 year old house and can relate! hahaha!

2nd CM said...

LOL! You always make me smile .... I hope I return the favor from time to time. :)

The next time your Mom comes for a visit, be sure and ask her to have the honors of...THE...Mark's Window Lighting Ceremony! Play it up big like it's a "must do" in the evening routine! .....(spider infested basement ..... hee hee!)

Mike said...

Even though you've got a traditional skywatch photo below, I love the skywatch narrative you tell here.

dlyn said...

I am coming all the way out to MO to give CM a good smack for trying to send me to the spidery basement. I'm not falling for it.

sean said...

So, the switch in the basement controls the light on the roof. That is freaking awsome! I am going to home depot right now for some light bulbs and light switches!!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just unscrew the light? :>)