Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Warning!! Spider Ahead

No pictures though.

The kids and I were playing after dinner last night and I noticed a spider the size of my hand building a web on the outside of the window. OK, so it was about the size of palm. OK, OK, it was the size of my pinkie nail. Twist my arm why don't you. Jeesh. Anyway as I was saying I saw this spider on the other side of the window. Not wanting to instill irrational fears on my children, I called Mark over to watch it. I learned all kinds of interesting things about spiders. Did you know they attach the round part of the web to the support part of the web with their very back set of legs? I also bet you didn't know that when they spin the round part of the web they start at the outside and work in. I never slowed down long enough to watch. I am always the person running away yelling to over my shoulder for someone to kill it. Tonight though we were reasonably safe as the spider was out side and we were in. Mark and Anna were fascinated with it. I love to show nature to my kids as long as we can stay at a safe distance and have double paned glass between us. It would have taken an astute observer to notice my foot shaking and my palms sweating. I am one of those flight over fight people. My feet were running away even if I wasn't.

Fish Update: Still alive.


dlyn said...

Ha! I love the fish update - that should be in your sidebar :)

Let me know when that spider is dead cause that is when we are coming to your house again. Irrational fears my foot!

2nd CM said...

LOL! I enjoy your stories!

You can give my homemade bread to Dlyn when she comes. : (

Weezee said...
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Weezee said...

Yes I would join you in that sprint away from the spider but it is fascinating to watch them and the double paned glass defintely makes it even better!

Happy about the fish hang in there Ellyn. Good luck AF!

Texas Travelers said...

I love to watch spiders. They are fascinationg. Most are more afraid of you than you are of them. Most won't bite unless they are harmed.

They catch a lot of disease carrying mosquitoes. "Go spiders".

Most "Jumping spiders" are very curious and will follow your movements as they watch. They don't run away like many spiders.