Monday, August 4, 2008

Update Day

A few people have asked me questions from previous posts so I thought I would take today to answer a some of them.

1. A few weeks ago I showed a video where Anna took a few tentative steps. It looked like the beginning of walking for her. We were thinking that any day she would just take off walking. Well, we were wrong. She thinks walking is far too dangerous for her. She is a very comfortable crawler and she would like to keep it that way. I am confident that she will get there. She just isn't ready yet.

2. It is official. Mark is potty trained. The entire neighborhood knows when he has to poop because he yells it at the top of his lungs. I don't care if the whole world knows. I am so proud of him. It only took a year of trying with much threatening, begging, pleading, and bribing (bribery finally worked and no I am not above bribing my kids. I thought I was going to have to go to college with this kid and change his diapers). He still wears a pull up to bed but he really doesn't need it. I just put it on him out of habit mostly. Also if he should have an accident I don't want him to get his big boy bed messy.

3. Speaking of the big boy bed, the transition went really well. He loves his new bed so much. He stays in bed pretty well. There was once about a week ago I went into his room when he wasn't expecting me. He burst into tears and ran back to his bed. He thought he was going to be in trouble. Every time since then I have found him in his bed when I go in. If he is getting up, he is far more sneaky about it.

4. Actual Fish has been replaced with Actual Fish II. A few people suggested a Betta so that is what I am trying this time. If this one lives a week I will take his picture and post it. It is starting to get embarrassing to go to the pet store. Yesterday, they made me stand up, raise my right hand, and swear an oath to the effect that I don't believe fish to be expendable. OK, so that isn't true but the fish guy did give me a funny look. I think he thinks I am going out in the parking lot with my fish and downing it like a shot. Sushi.

OK, well I think that answers all the questions. Thanks for your interest in our family. I love that people care.
I will probably post some pictures in a bit.

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dlyn said...

I want to change my suggestion for Actual's middle name
to "Tentatively".