Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Next Olympic Event

We have a hobby at our house. We lay on our pets. Both of the kids have always done it. The pets even seem to enjoy it.
First we must make sure the intended pet is perfectly fluffed. Pretty easy if you are talking about Tux. He was born fluffed.

Then we must perfectly position the head so it is just right. The abdomen is the best; yielding but firm.

Sometimes we switch it up and both lay on a single pet. That is always fun for whatever pet it's turn it is.

Occasionally when the kids are in bed and there is no one else around, the pets will just lay with each other.

Sometimes the pets lay back. Always good for a laugh. The cat weighs in at 200 lbs. So when he lays on you, you know it.

I may have to call up my friends on the Olympic committee. My kids would win more gold than Michael.


2nd CM said...

It's so nice to see Tux again!

Weezee said...

Woohoo they are good at that! I could watch them all day!

dlyn said...

Too cute!

Memarie Lane said...

That is one huge cat. What's your litter box like? :P

Christy said...

200 lbs. ha ha I think you meant 20 lbs. Otherwise I have to say he sure looks thin for 200 lbs. My dog is just starting to tolerate my boys laying on her. Now that the oldest is past the pulling fur stage (she's a cocker so she doesn't really have much of a tail). Very cute pics.

Belle said...

Looks like both pets AND kids have a pretty good thing going!