Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Tragedy

OK, so the other day I told a lovely story about a fish. He is the new member of the family. We are going to enjoy him so much. Mark loves him. Blah, blah blah.
Well here is the thing, I have murdered another of God's creatures right here in my very own home. Last night when I went to bed and A.F. was perky and happy in his little fishy world. This morning I got up and went to feed the little beast and he was floating and not in the good way. I really am a fish murderer. Jason was right. Oh, how I hate it when he is right.
So before I got Mark up I got rid of the evidence and filled to bowl back up with water. He didn't notice anything missing this morning. So, tomorrow we are going back to the fish store and getting another fish. I feel a vicious trend starting again. And I can't stop myself.
Let this be a warning to all fish owners. DON'T LET ME FISH SIT!!! Oh, I will tell you everything you want to hear when looking for a good fish sitter.

"I have had fish for years." (a different fish every week for years.)

"I feed them everyday and keep their water changed often." (Not often enough)

"I love them to death." (maybe I do love them to death.)

Don't listen. I am not good with fish. But, hey, if you are looking for a dog, cat or baby sitter I am OK with those. It's a good thing too. You have to dig a much bigger hole to bury a dog. I am a little more attached to my non aquatic friends too.

Thanks to all the encouraged me in my fish endeavours. It looks like I am going to need a lot more so keep it coming.


Grandma Shirley said...

Ellyn, Don't you feel bad about Actual Fish (aka A.J.). You did all you could for it. Do not listen to what Jason has to say, by the way, was Jason home and was he the first to see A.J. this morning?
Hugs and kisses to Mark and Anna.
Love, Mom

dlyn said...

R.I.P. A.A.F.


2nd CM said...

Oh my .... I'm not sure what to say. Maybe you should try a Betta. Someone told me they live in muddle puddles in Taiwan, or somewhere. Anything would be better than that. Keep us posted! There's no way that Mark is going to not notice before you sneak and get another Actual Fish. Good luck!

Kellan said...

I am also not good with fish. I don't know anyone that is all that good with fish. I think fish sound like a better idea than they actually are. Funny post! Good luck with the new fish! Kellan