Friday, August 22, 2008

Front/Back Door Meme

My mom over at Dlyn hosts this neato Front/Back Door Meme. Go check it out.

This month I am trying a different approach to my meme. I usually take my pictures in the the middle of the day while the kids are down for naps. This is a nice time of day but not my favorite time to enjoy the outdoors. I took these pictures in the early morning. OK, so not early morning; 7:15. That is still pretty early. I had to swill down a cup of coffee first or the camera would shake and it wouldn't matter what time of day it was. The pictures would have been fuzzy.
Anyhoo, here is my meme. We live on a pretty quiet street but first thing in the morning there are a lot of commuters going by. I had to stand there for quite a while waiting for a moment when no cars would be in my shot.

I love the back yard first thing in the morning. The shadows are long and the colors are soft. My favorite begonia weaseled in to this photo too. It is part of my backyard. I can't look out there without seeing it and that makes me happy.


dlyn said...

Very nice Ellyn - it looks so quiet and peaceful!

2nd CM said...

I love your place! I can tell some of that Dlyn photo talent and blogging talent has been passed down. : ) Poor Jason, he doesn’t stand a chance. He makes one wrong move and it he could be on two blogs with photo enhancements!

I love your sky watch photo. It looks like a pastel painting!

Egghead said...

Nice yard. I like the early morning photos. It seems so peaceful.

Don Mills Diva said...

Lovely shots - what a beautiful area to wake up in every morning!

Memarie Lane said...

What a beautiful yard. I wouldn't mind doing the front door thing, because the OTHER side of the street looks okay, but my back yard is ten square feet of nuclear fallout.