Thursday, August 28, 2008


I went through my August picture folder this morning and picked out a few previously unpublished photos. Hope you enjoy them.
This goat loved Mark. He followed us all over his enclosure. All he wanted was a good pat. Mark obliged him of course.

Doesn't she look guilty.

A quiet moment spent reading one of our favorite books.

Don't let them fool you. It was a truce. You don't play with my toy and I won't touch your toy.....much.

I found a leprechaun in the yard the other day.

Don't you just hate nosy neighbors.


Jules said...

These are way too cute. And I'm still smiling from the last one. :)

Anonymous said...

That last one is perfect. You need to send it to 2nd CM to make a card out of it. Maybe something about missing you, or come home soon. Etc.


dlyn said...

Great pics - I would be taking more pics of the dishwasher if it was me though.

Gina said...

That last pic is so precious and you can see all her pretty hair :)

Weezee said...

I got so far behind reading your blog! The kids look great, I love the Daisy,Anna picture and the goat and zoo looked like big fun! I bet that new dishwasher is great, the stove hood is beautiful and the new light is really nice. The picture of Jason and Anna at the zoo is just a stitch. Anna is walking woohoo.
I'll try not get so far behind again.

Flea said...

Way too cute! Where can I get a leprechaun like that for my yard? :)