Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night while reading my blog Jason mentioned he wasn't getting enough air time here. So today is dedicated completely to him. He, of course, wouldn't let me take any fresh pictures so I must dive into my archives.
He really loves those Packers. He must if he is willing to put those pants on. Sorry Packer fans, who read here, but those are not cool.

He has this thing for that rubber chicken. It is a little weird.

He was pregnant with me.

This was Photoshopped by my mom over at dlyn. Isn't it cool that we weren't even in the same picture or her house and she put us all together. Sorry, I don't get out much.

He always loved to play with his babies like this. Look at Mark's face. Isn't that priceless. So funny. Oh, wait this is about Jason. This isn't easy. It is really stifling my creative process.

He is very patriotic. And he had some sort of growth on his mouth there. Don't know why he was making that face.

I don't know why I am including this picture except that I think it is funny.

There I guess next time he wants to be on my blog he will let me take some stinking pictures of him. Jeesh.


2nd CM said...

Jason .... you're the greatest!

I'm going to be more careful what I say to your Mom ... now that I see some of the things she can do with PhotoShop! ; )

Gina said...

Chad loves those pants too :)

Gina said...

I should clarify, not Jason's pants, Chad has his own. :)

Belle said...

Jason...what can I say...I'm impressed.

dlyn said...

Gina - your comment was almost as funny as Ellyn's post!

He is a very good and very entertaining son in law!

Weezee said...

We have always found him entertaining from the first moment we met him. Those pants though.... only a Packer fan.

Gina that was hilarious!

Grandma Shirley said...

Hi Jason, You look great in your Packer pants. I'm not just saying that because you are my son, either. Honest!!!!
Go Packers!!!!!