Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few Things

First of all, Belle over at Life of a Southern Belle is having a birthday this week. She is so cool that she is giving stuff away all week. Go on over there and enter.

Second we are feeling much better here. Mark is back to school. Anna seems to be the only one still suffering. She has dripped a gallon of snot in the last couple of days. There is a mental picture I am sure you needed. Thanks for all of your well wishes. I am sure it helped.

Third. Well I don't have third. It seems like I should though because it doesn't seem like enough to just have one and two. OK here is a third. It is raining again. That means no playing outside today.. No hanging out laundry. I am starting to run out of underwear. Not that I hang out underwear but still I am almost out. This isn't cool. But hey at least it isn't snow. This would be a lot of snow. Feet. And I don't like to shovel that much so rain is OK I guess.

Have a great day!!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

THANK YOU for mentioning my giveaway and for the very kind words that you left in your comment to me this morning. This is just all too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Just buy more underwear. If you buy enough you can go a long time w/o washing. :>)


Gina said...

So glad most everyone is feeling better, I hope Anna gets better soon too, dripping gallons of snot does not sound like fun :( It has been raining here too for the last couple days, and cooler. No morning walks, but I agree snow would be way worse!

Kellan said...

Loved that you didn't have a third - tee hee! Glad everyone is feeling better and hope the rain lets up! Take care - Kellan