Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Am an Award Winner

A while back I received this one from my dear mom. Thanks mom. You're the coolest.

I am passing this one along to some people I just love to read. Go check out these ladies if you have a chance.

Laurne This is my sister. She is serving her country right now in Iraq. She always finds little tid bits in her daily life to post. I am so glad she is bored.

Weezee Her life has gone to the dogs. She has five of the cutest dogs you ever want to meet.

Belle's daughter just started at Clemson this year. She posts pictures of all the fun tailgating they get to do. They even take cucumber sandwiches. Looks like it is way fun.

Belle gave me this award. Thank you so much Belle. It is quite an honor to receive an award from so fab a blogger.

Belle's award came with a few rules. I have to tell you 6 things that make me happy and pass it on to six fabulous bloggers. This should be easy.

1. No single sound makes me happier than the sound of my kids laughing. Just listen here. Best sound ever.

2. I love to spend time with Jason. He is one of my favorite people.

3. I am always happy on my morning walk. I love to chat along with the kids about the things we come across on our way.

4. The smell of fresh cut grass sends me over the moon. Fall leaves are almost as good.

5. I love the anticipation of a road trip. Coming home is nice too.

6. I love to blog and the people I have met through blogging.

I guess I would be happiest if I were walking by a house with fresh cut grass pushing the laughing kids with Jason while planning a road trip. I don't know if I could take that much happiness though. I might just pop.

Now I am supposed to pass this along to six fab bloggers. I am giving this to ladies who I look forward to reading everyday. Thanks for making my morning coffee even better.

1. Dlyn She is without her camera right now so a tiny little bit whiny. But other than that she is a hoot. I look forward to her every day.

2. Manic Mommy This woman will make you shoot that morning coffee right out your nose. She is a true blue mom who doesn't sugar coat parenthood. I love her.

3. Lauren Yes Lauren again. She is serving her country and deserves multiple awards. Go You, Lauren.

4.Nap Warden is a fellow SAHM who also trains for marathons. I don't know what she does with all the free time she must have. She is so fun and an inspiration to those of us who just try to get out and walk a couple times a week.

5.Burgh Baby I love to go and see what The Toddler has been up to.

6.Melissa is a new blogger. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She doesn't have tons of time for blogging being a mom to three, the youngest of which is 2 months old. She is new to the world of the SAHM. She is a very busy lady who blogs when she has time. Now post some stinking pictures of that baby.

The same rules apply to you as applied to me. Now go and pass the love.

That was fun. It was a little like being back in junior high though. Will this person think I am a dork for giving them this award? They are soooo much more popular than me. Oh well, hope I am not a dork.


Nap Warden said...

I was already to say congrats on the awards, and you went and passed on to me! Thanks so much:)

Weezee said...

Thank You!!!! I am just thrilled! This is my first blog award! I am so glad you enjoy reading about the canine chaos. I better go update so you have reason to come read. And you are not a dork, everyone loves you!

Belle said...

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so So SO SO much!!!

2nd CM said...

Thanks for making me smile!

Manic Mommy said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You say the nicest things. I added it to my site and will blog about it when I remember what I like...