Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The First Day

Mark's first day was supposed to be Monday but Ike came to visit Sunday night and knocked out power through most our little town including the school. Mark was so disappointed but we did a dress rehearsal. Yesterday he actually got to go.
We arrived and Mark immediately went into play mode. He was off and running.

The only time he showed any apprehension was when I said I was leaving.

After I told him I was coming back to get him when he finished playing he was OK. It was like he thought he was going to have to stay forever. I am happy to report that there were no tears either from Mark or Mommy.
It was a little light in the stroller yesterday. Anna kept looking over for Mark. It was kind of sad.

We girls will tough it out though.

I went back a little early. (They told me I could.) I wasn't the first parent there. I was however the first one in the door. All the rest of the parents were just waiting for someone else to go in first. So I did. Then it was like opening a flood gate.
I caught them during snack time. Mark loves Goldfish so I bet this was a hit. Once he finished he crumpled up in his napkin and stood up and said "Boy, that was good." It was so funny I snorted. Way to make a good first impression on the other parents. Snort like a pig. Go Me!!

I've been spotted.

They had circle time and sang a song. That was the only time I wanted to cry just a little, not because I missed him but because he was having such fun. Oh great. Now I am the snorting pig blubbering baby. There is one in every class.
We loaded up and came home for lunch. He was so mean on the way home and through lunch. He went straight to bed after lunch. He doesn't do very well major upsets in his routine but he will get used to it.
Last night before bed he told me all about what he did all morning in finite detail. I love to listen to his perspective of things.
We are going back today to catch up. We can't be using one of our 3 allotted snow days already.


Gina said...

Yay Mark! How exciting. I love the part about snack time, I bet I would have snorted too :)

dlyn said...

Oh man - he looks so grown up!

2nd CM said...

Upstate New York? .... you'lll need those snow days! ; )

Weezee said...

Geesh this made me want to cry. How did that kid get so big!?
Ellyn that snorting thing runs in the family, don't worry, the other parents will get used to it.

Manic Mommy said...

I can't believe you're getting information out of your preschooler! I get drims and drabs but never a complete picture. The other moms and I now compare notes.

The right preschool is WONDERFUL. RC is loving every second.