Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scenes from the Sun Porch

I love our new porch. One of the best times to be out there is the late afternoon. The work is mostly done. Dinner usually bubbles away on the stove while we play and have fun. I have really become a fan of meals I can make ahead and have them standing by waiting for us. Love that crock pot baby.
Anywho, one of the reasons I love the porch so is the lighting in the afternoon. Sun is going down behind the trees and makes a soft rosy glow over the landscape. It makes for some really easy picture taking. And since I have no idea what I am doing, easy is best.
Mark posed for me. He never does that so I took full advantage.

Jason poses even less than Mark. Don't they look cute together? I love my blue eyed boys.

I love to watch Anna observe the world around. She just takes it all in.

Sometimes the world doesn't make her very happy.

We moved the kids play table out to the porch. They have so much fun coloring together.

I can not get over how long this girls lashes are. I would kill for lashes like that.

Isn't he a little cutie.

So there you have it. Scenes from the sun porch. Care to come and join us for a spell. I promise I won't even take our picture. Much.

We are still a little on the snotty side here. So if you see snot in these pictures just pretend you don't. Thanks.


Grandma Shirley said...

I would be out there every moment I could. Crockpots are my favorite, too. You probably remember being served a mealor two from my crockpot, chilli,beefstew, yum. Hugs and kisses to everyone.

dlyn said...

Well you know how we feel about porches :). Ours looks nice with these same children on it actually.

Kellan said...

You have such a beautiful family - all with beautiful eyes! That is a great porch!

Take care - Kellan

Belle said...

What a great porch...and great pictures. Your kids are SO photogenic!