Friday, September 5, 2008

Playground Fun

One of the reasons I love town life is everything is within walking distance. It's great to pack up the stroller and just go.
Yesterday we went the the park. Since school is back in session we can't go to the playground near our house. We went to one a little further away but still close enough to be manageable. This playground is a little big for Anna but she still had fun. No tunnels there though.
She loved this swing. She sang to herself the whole time she was on it.

It took me a couple minutes to get Mark to let me take this picture. He was so into playing.

We obviously need to work on his school bus rules.

Happy farmer.

Demented farmer.

Slowed down long enough for a picture.

Great fun was had by all.


2nd CM said...

Seeing your kids' smiles and good times really makes my day!

merlotmom said...

Hi Ellyn, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope my stories live up to your expectations. Cute pictures!

Lauren said...

I don't think its very nice to call your son demented. Cute pictures.