Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

I am sure you are thinking to yourself, "Isn't that kid already in a big boy bed?" Well, no he isn't. But he will be by Saturday. I admit we have been putting it off for quite a while. Mark has never tried to climb out so we didn't see any harm in leaving him in it. And besides, it's nice to know that when I put him in his crib he will be there when I go back to get him. After Saturday, though, that will be no more. I think this is going to be kind of a hard transition for him. I don't think he will have trouble with falling out. I think he is going to get out on his own. Listening to his parents is not something that comes easily to Mark. I think we are going to have much gnashing of teeth for a couple of weeks or years. You see why we have been putting it off.
Anyway, all of that for this. Yesterday we went shopping and got Mark a big boy bed. It will be delivered Saturday. It is such a cute bed and will last him for years and years.
Here is a pictures of it. Can you just imagine him putting his cute little head on the pillow and dreaming little boy dreams. I know, I can't either. He is going to be playing with his toys and coming downstairs bothering me. Never mind, I am calling the whole thing off. He can sleep in his crib until high school. Hang on, I am calling the store and canceling the delivery......You thought I really was going to do it didn't you. No, we are tough and we will get through it together.

Wish us luck and many prayers.


Weezee said...

Wow that is a nice bed!
I'd like to have that bed. I will stay in it too!

Good luck I will pray as always!

Kellan said...

Nice bed! I kept ALL my kids in the crib for as long as they would stay in it. I never found the need to rush moving them until the very last second - I sooooo get this!

Have a good day - Kellan