Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few Pictures

Cupcakes are yummy.

During Anna's morning nap Mark and I usually try to do something educational but fun. The other day we did puzzles. He was so proud of himself he even let me take his picture.

This was taken right before bedtime the other night. Anna had a very busy day. She was so tired.

I love how they look when they are asleep. So peaceful.

Recently Mark likes to play a new game. He will come up to one of us out of the blue and ask, "Wanna be a digger?" Here is Daddy being a digger.
First Mark has to start the digger. For some reason the start button is in the belly button.I think it was poor planning on the part of the engineer but what do I know.

After the digger is running, Mark uses buttons to control the buckets/legs of the digger. The digger is only supposed to do what Mark wants. If the digger/Daddy gets out of hand Mark reprimands the digger. (Unfortunately for the digger/Daddy Mark likes the buckets/legs up in the air for long periods of time. Poor digger/Daddy.)

For about a week I have had my bird feeder up. This is my first visitor. She is the only one who has found it so far.


dlyn said...

So cute. They look even better at Grandma's house though.:)

For The People said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

teddie said...

I love your little people pics!!!! some day I hope to meet them. Your story line makes me remember things I'd forgotten. Sean used to tell me to be a tree. After posing with my "limbs" out he would then procede to climb me. Some things never change. :) Maybe Mark will be a heavy equiptment "driver"

Zinna said...

Well said.