Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Picture Day

As I was writing that title I thought back to picture day in school. It was a much anticipated event for me. It meant I was going to get to wear something extra special to school and my mom would do my hair up really pretty. The best part of all was the photographer always brought black combs for everyone. And we got to keep them. I don't know why but that was a huge treat for me. I usually kept it in my backpack for the rest of the year. I might even still have one somewhere. Pretty weird, I know.
There are certain memories of my childhood that really stick out for me. Not huge life altering events just everyday things that have really stuck with me. For instance, I went to a private school, in a church, through eighth grade. This school didn't have a cafeteria. So everyday we brown bagged it. Every day that is except Friday. On Fridays we had pizza from Pizza Hut. We put in our order at lunch time on Thursday. We had a choice of pepperoni or cheese. Then when Friday's lunch came around we went down to the church basement. The table was set up at the bottom of the stairs. We waited in a line on the stairs for our turn. For some reason that memory always stuck with me. Go figure.
Here is another one. I will never forget the day my cousin Valerie got married. She is about 7 years older than I am. I played with her and her siblings when I was small. She was always one of the big kids to me. The day she got married, my mom went to the hairdresser and had her hair put in a french braid. I wanted to go too but she wouldn't let me. It cost $10 to have done and that was a lot of money then. As we sat in the church, I thought to myself, wow she is all grown up.
Isn't it interesting the moments in time your mind picks out to remember. I don't remember my first day of school or the only time I moved when I was a kid. But I will never forget standing on the stairs waiting for my pizza.
Do you have any interesting things remembered from your childhood? I would love to hear about it.
I rambled a bit today. Anyway, here are some pictures of the little people in my life. Enjoy!!

I love taking pictures in dappled sunshine. It makes such a pretty back drop.

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dlyn said...

where did you find these adorable children? Really - they are the cutest grandchildren, ooops, I mean children, I have ever seen anywhere.