Thursday, July 17, 2008

Front/Back Door Meme

My mom over at Dlyn has this thing she does every month. You go and take a picture out of your front and back door. You post a new picture every month and see how much your world changes from month to month. Go check it out. And feel free to participate.
Not much has changed for this month. You will notice that Jason hung a new clothes line for me. It's all part of my master plan to economize and save the planet and give me something else to do (like I didn't have enough already).
Anyway this is the back.

And here is the front. Everything is just a little more green than is was last month.

Today I will probably post a few thing through a day. So check back if you have minute.


Flea said...

What a pretty neighborhood! And how brave of you, line drying the clothes with kids. I considered it, but when we lived in Florida it just wasn't possible, between the rain and the bugs. Ew! You go, Green Mama!

dlyn said...

yay! Thanks for playing :)

2nd CM said...

I love your street and yard. It looks so homey and welcoming!