Sunday, July 6, 2008

The First Night

I know you all got up this morning and immediately checked my blog to see how our first night went. Sorry to disappoint. I should have been up at 5 to inform all of my faithful readers of the news of the first night in the big boy bed.
Last night went really well. Mark got right into his big bed last night and went almost right to sleep. There were no nocturnal activities and he was still in bed when we went in this morning to get him. He is such a big boy.
I think it helped that we wore him down to a tiny little frazzle yesterday. He skipped his nap because we were out and about all day.
Here are a few pictures of our events yesterday.
Mark really thought it was neat to have a new bed. He got right up in it when we took him upstairs the first time. (Incidentally, we did buy him sheets for it yesterday too. We just didn't have them on there when we took this picture.

I didn't mention it before but Anna also got a new bed yesterday. No longer does she have to sleep in a pack and play. She gets a big girl bed.
She really seemed to like it. She went right to sleep last night too. OK, so there was a little crying but nothing we couldn't handle.

My parents came up over the weekend. We had a lovely time. Yesterday, we decided to have an outing. We started driving the general direction of Lake Ontario. We found a cute little park and had a wonderful picnic next to the water. It was great fun.

Mark's bear, Brett, had a bath yesterday. I thought he looked to cute hanging on the line. I just had to take a picture.
I hope your yesterday was this much fun.

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dlyn said...

I'm sorry - Brett just looks so uncomfortable - I think he prefers thumping around in the dryer.