Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Few Pictures

I did get one cute one of Anna in her new hat. I love this outfit

It looks big from down here.

But climb that mountain girl.

It may seem to you that you don't get as many pictures of Mark. It isn't that I don't take them. They just usually come out looking like this

I did get this one when he wasn't paying attention. This was a birthday gift from Grandma Shirley. We just love it.

This was one of Anna's birthday gifts this year. Mark had to show her how it's done. It took Anna about five minutes, under her brother instruction, to figure out how to make it go. It was fun to watch them scoot around the floor together.


dlyn said...

The cutest grandchildren on the planet! And I am a total stranger who has never met them in person or is related or their grandmother. Not me.

Kellan said...

Adorable pictures - they are darling! I love that big ol' hat! Take care - Kellan

2nd CM said...

Hi Ellyn .... just getting caught up on your blog after a week or so.

Do you think it's time for our 15 year old, who starts working at Chick-Fil-A tomorrow, to be in a big boy bed? ; ) ... just kidding, …. but don’t' feel bad, I know we put it off many times with the 6 we have. Actually, I think you did it just right! I'm glad Mark is adapting well!

I love seeing and hearing about Aunt Bobbie! She sent me an email to apologize about not getting an anniversary card to me (yesterday was our 25th! .... tell Jason there is life after 41 ... and 48 ... albeit, achy and slower). No wonder she made that comment ... everyone in the family has an anniversary the first week in July! The hand made dresses are precious. Your Grandma and my Aunt is a very special lady!

My 6 year old Nathaniel was riding in the car the other day and from the back I heard, ”Dad, do you really love me a lot?” This may have been the same trip to the park where he asked me if I knew what a “pensive look” was (he does), “do bees move faster than humans?” … and the best one ….”which is cleaner, a dog’s mouth or a humans?”

Cherish the moments.