Monday, July 7, 2008

The New Dress

This is my Grandma. She is very special (in the good way). When we were kids, she was the exotic Grandma who lived far away and always brought us presents when she came to visit. She never got tired of us even when everyone else did.

Grandma also has a very special talent. She can sew. When Anna was little she sewed her this dress. It is such a a little cute dress. I was very sad when she grew out of it.
(CM, Please agree with me that Anna looks just like Grandma K. No one else can see it but I think she is the spiting image.)

As all of my faithful readers know, Anna had a Birthday last week. We got a wonderful little package in the mail the other day. Inside, I was delighted to find this wonderful little dress. Isn't just the cutest. I love the little hat that goes with it.

However Anna is not the fan of hats that I am.
She looks so cute in this dress I can hardly stand it. I just want to squeeze her.

Thanks Grandma!! I just love it.

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Flea said...

Her dresses are ADORABLE. I can sympathize with a girl who won't wear hats. My daughter - my first child - couldn't stand anything on her head from day one. And I'd made her hats, bought her hats, ribbons, bows. I have so many cute pictures of her brother in floral and lace hats.

Anna is the cutest thing EVER.