Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Winners

It's a tie!! Gina and CM!! Yeah You!! Honestly I didn't do my research before I posed that question. And since you were the two people who guessed; you win. There actually were no questions asked by the troll. He was just mean and wanted to eat them up. I went and looked up the story and found some pretty gruesome tales. This is the tamest of them if you want to read it.
Now, as you may know, I have no kingdom. And no keys to the kingdom either. However, if you want to have something as a consolation prize, I will make you some lovely bread. Here is the catch. You have to come to my house to pick it up. And since you are here, you should probably just stay a while.
Thanks for playing you guys!!

Once upon a time there were Three Billy Goats Gruff who wanted to get to the sweet meadow grass. To get to the sweet grass, they had to cross an arched bridge.

Unfortunately, there lived a mean, old, ugly troll under this bridge.

As the littlest goat “clattered” onto the bridge the mean old troll asked, “Who’s trip trapping across my bridge?”

When the little goat said it was “just me” the troll threatened to eat him up. The littlest troll told him his older brother was much fatter, so the troll let him go, as he wanted a bigger meal.

The second goat started over the bridge and the troll said the same thing and guess what? This second goat told him his older brother was even fatter.

The troll was greedy, so he let this one go, as a bigger goat was about to come along.

Oh, he was bigger, but so were his horns!

As the troll jumped upon the bridge to eat him, the big horned brother gave him a giant “head –butt” and the troll was propelled over the bridge into the river and drowned.

The End and the Three Billy Goats Gruff lived happily ever after.”

I found this story here. I couldn't get the link to work so I elected to just cut and paste.

Pictures Later.


dlyn said...

I want to see the grosser ones. ☺

Gina said...

Thank you, I know my fairy tales, but Nursery Rhymes are my speaciaty. :) We will have to come accept my prize soon, we would love to see you all.

Gina said...

Forgive my fast typing, I meant Specialty