Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OK, so I take a certain measure of pride in keeping my house tidy. (I hear you snickering Mom...Knock it off.) I like things put away and I try to keep the floors clean. It isn't easy with the worlds hairiest dog and the worlds messiest eater living under the same roof. But I do try. We have invaders into my clean abode. ANTS!!! I can't get rid of the little nasty creepy crawlies. They first found us from a hummingbird feeder hanging on the window in our dining room. I took the feeder down but not before found their way in through the window. And now I can't get rid of them. I have killed dozens of them and still more come. You would think that seeing their fellow six legged buddies smashed bits would deter them but no dice. I think they like living life on the edge. Mark sees them and calls at the top of his little lungs ,"MOMMY, ANTS!!!" Great, now the whole neighborhood knows we are nasty. We have to move.
I will let you know if and how we get rid of them in case you are ever infested with the icky little things.

I am kidding of course about the snickering mother. She would never do such a thing. While you were reading this whole post though you thought she did, didn't you.


dlyn said...


CM said...

I know your mom .... she was snickering (if not out right guffawing).

We had the ant problem years ago. We used some kind of powder that Paul Harvey used to advertise. It came in a yellow and black can but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. It really worked!

noble pig said...

Oh I hate those little boogars too! Good luck with those!

teddie said...

We had ants a few years ago. Polly ( our cat) kept meowing at me and running to her dish. I knew she had enough food and kept telling her so. Finally she won and I went over to the dish only to find out it was full of ants! . We sprayed outside all around the doors and then put ant traps outside. Steve also caulked every opening he could find. No more ants!!!Yeah.
I know your glad it's not spiders.

Weezee said...

Oh my gosh first boy popped now ants. What a week for you guys.

Don't worry we have them too, it doesn't mean you are nasty they are just pesky. Get those little plastic ant traps so they take some nice poision back to the hill. Ah ha ha! I love that!

Steve said...

The plastic ant traps work pretty well, as does the poison you drop on a piece of cardboard, but both actually attract more ants before they get rid of them. The powder sounds like Sevendust, that works wonders but you have to find the actual antbed. We had bad ants back in Georgia, and the main things we did that seemed to work at least a little were spray any lines of ants so that they lose track of how to get in, and poison any beds you see in your yard. Good luck.