Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Day

We are having a crazy busy day today. So I am just posting a a couple of pictures to get you through they day.
My, oh so cool, little man.

Anna is so proud of herself. She is a walker. She is such a stinker though. Everytime I come near her with the video camera, she won't do it.

Just to prove I take picture of things other than kids. This hummingbird and her buddies visit me daily. I love to watch them buzz around and argue over the food. They are great fun to watch. If you don't have a feeder I would highly recommend one.


Gina said...

I was going to ask how Anna was doing with walking, I hope she lets you take her video soon we would love to see her walk, babies are so cute when they start to walk. Does she like it or does she still prefer to crawl? Phee Phee will scale the wall just to get up and walk. :) Hope you have a great day!

dlyn said...

Great shots of the kids and nice capture of the hummingbird!

Kellan said...

Great pictures! Your kids are darling! Have a good day - Kellan

2nd CM said...

I hope Mark is keeping his eyes open while he's driving that thing and not copying Dad! : ) Anna, is so cute it makes you want to scoop her up and hug her. Our girls were so cuddly when they wore those little onesie outfits in the summer.

Okay, here's my school memory .... (remember, you asked for it). I grew up in Maine, where they say "cah" for car, "de-ah" for deer ... you get the idea. Well, the word "fart" was a dirty word in our household and school. I was sitting in the cafeteria at lunch one day and told the girl next to me to to say "Fa" (as in, Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do) and add a "t" to the end. This, was a major "A-u-gh V-a-ugh" (ask your Mom if she remembers what Augh Vaugh means.) The girl promptly told the teacher, and the teacher abrubtly interrutped my lunch to have me stand in the middle of the cafeteria. The entire incidence was complicateed by the subsequent entrance of my older borther, wanting to know why I'm begin punished in this manner. After he promised not to tell Mom and Dad, I devulged my story, which I was still quite amused by, despite the punishment. Guess what he did as soon as he got home ...... guess what I got later from my Dad.

Immoral Matriarch said...

I love that hummingbird photo!

Nap Warden said...

That's a cute little walker you have!