Monday, July 28, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

Before I start, my dear mom over at dlyn took most of these pictures.(I took the van ones and the ones at Melissa and Brian's. She took the rest.) She said I could use them so long as I plug her blog. Go look at it so she will let me use them again. She is an exceptional budding photographer. Very up and coming. Seriously go look. Her gardens are lovely too.

As most of you know we went to Mom and Dad's house last week for a few days. I thought you would like to see a few pictures of our adventures.
Here we are in the van on our merry way.
Jason thought it would be a good idea to drive with his eyes closed. It wasn't.
I am a little surprised Jason doesn't make me pack my camera in the back of the van somewhere. He is a really good sport, mostly.

Mark is all about safety. He puts these on just about every time we get in the van. I think he is worried about flying debris because Jason is driving with his eyes closed.

Anna was completely unconcerned. She slept through it all.

First, we went to Brian and Melissa's house to see the new baby. He is beautiful; all new and pink. He smells wonderful. I have a thing for the way babies smell. It is heaven on a head to me. I love it. Anyway, we had a great time spending a couple of hours with some very weary parents. I hope they remember we came over. Otherwise these pictures are going to come as a great surprise.

All of the big kids together. I can't believe I am counting Anna in with the big kids. Where does time go?

Then we went to Mom and Dads. Grandpa came home from work. Always a thrill. His grand kids love him so much.
BTW, they are not kidding about their gardens. It is a jungle at their house this year. When we pulled past the edge of the woods and saw everything it was unbelievable. Dad was working in the garden and we could hardly see him until he waded out. Unfortunately I took no pictures. Dumb, I know.
Anyway, back to our trip. Mark thought about crying. Not sure why, but Mom had to take a picture. Don't you just love how he sticks out his bottom lip when he is upset. He has done it since the day he was born.

Anna is so pretty isn't she.

Jason and I picked mountains of blueberries. My Grandmother has had blueberry bushes for over thirty years. They are enormous. Every summer she screams to every family member in the land to come pick blueberries. There are about three weeks in August she swims in a sea of blueberries. And let me tell you, they are the best, sweetest, juiciest, yummiest blueberries you ever lapped a lip over. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Mark made some really funny faces up and the sky. Mom was trying to go for gazing off in the distance and this is what she got.

Anyway that is our trip in a nutshell. We had a great time as we always do


2nd CM said...

LOL! ... on the Troll and the bridge story. I'm glad you told the whole story .... brings back childhood story memories. Now when people win contests on your Mom's blog, they get things like gift certificates. : ) Acutally, some homemade bread and a visit to your welcoming home and neighborhood sounds like just the thing, especially when I know if I did visit it would probably involve some hugs from two very cute little people. Thanks for inviting me!

Thanks for sharing your trip to your parents. It made me smile. It also reminded me of the time I went blueberry picking in that part of the country with your great grandma K back in 1982, when I visited them for two weeks.

I love Mark's safety glasses. ; )

Kellan said...

What great pictures of fun times!

Have a good day - Kellan

2nd CM said...

PS - have you read Blueberries For Sal to Mark yet? It's a classic!

Weezee said...

Oh my gosh Ellyn! That family of yours keeps me eternally entertained. Mark is just hilarous. I am still waiting to see your blog about my batteries. Bwa-hahahaha!
and Anna, just the prettiest little girl ever!!!!
Jason! Open your eyes!

Katie said...

I would be blissfully happy forever if I could grow blueberries. Or anything other than citris, for that matter! You can only eat SO MANY oranges...